"Singing my little heart out" - Songster on Isle of St. Pierre, France off Newfoundland.

Northern Gannet in Flight

Photo Album: Birding

In Addition to our Seabird Watching Cruises, our Expeditions to Alaska, Newfoundland & Labrador offer Excellent Pelagic Bird Watching Opportunities!

6-day Kayaking and Pelagic Seabirds Cruise, June 1-6, 2009! $1,199
June is nesting season! On our Pelagic Bird Watching Cruise, we travel to the outer and offshore islands of the Maine Coast to view nesting seabirds such as puffins, razorbills, terns, eider ducks, guillemots, cormorant, a variety of gulls and storm petrels.
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Cruising the rich coastal waters of beautiful Alaska, Maine, Maritime Canada and wild Labrador, we spot many pelagic seabirds, migratory birds and we have phenoninal opportunities for wildlife photography. Besides the specialized cruises listed in our schedule, all our excursions offer opportunities for bird watching, and we are always on the lookout for raptors, coastal seabirds, whales, bears and other wildlife. Karen invites you to come aboard and join in along side her in photographing birds and other wildlife!

Here are just a few of the birding photographs taken by Karen while cruising aboard Wanderbird. Enjoy...

They are much bigger 'in person': a smaller female loon.

Karen releasing a loon who had grounded out in a nearby parking lot.

Mating Dance - Northern Gannets

2-am Storm Petrel patrol on deck while sailing 20 miles offshore.

<-- (Storm petrels are attracted to the running lights of ships & cannot take off from land - so they must be gently placed back in the sea or tossed back into the air. We helped by proposing protocol for operating with only the necessary navigation lights while in sensitive seabird nesting areas at a shipping forum.)

2 a.m. Visitor - Leaches Storm Petrel

Puffins and Razorbills

Puffins during nesting season.

Bald Eagle landing on beach.

Common Tern in Flight

Proud Male Eider Duck & Females

Osprey leaving the nest.

Say "cheese" - Cormorant

Stowaway - Migrating Merlin Falcon rode aboard Wanderbird for 2 days while offshore.

Hunting Hawk

a visiting Merlin Falcon aboard Wanderbird

Greater Shearwater- Image taken from Wanderbird's bow

Northern Fulmar, Sedna's husband

Three Terns on A Log...

Merlin Falcon captures other Migrating Guests Aboard Wanderbird!

Photos taken from Wanderbirds aft deck!

Sooty Shearwater - photo taken while Whale Watching

A Nesting Friend in the Shipyard!

Migrating Guest Aboard Wanderbird - Yellow Warbler



Puffin tails!

3rd Mate "Finchie" Sailing with us for 7 years!

Our Resident Macaw & Official "Taste Tester"